How do you choose a good death after a long life?

If you read Being Mortal but were left with questions about what to do at the end of a long life, At Peace by Samuel Harrington, MD will answer those questions.

Published February 6, 2018

Dr. Samuel Harrington has provided an invaluable road map for all of us facing the challenge of critical decisions for friends, family and ultimately, ourselves.  He demystifies medical terminology with an experienced, transparent and literate guide for boomers like myself and our aging parents. How to have the conversation? When to decide that a caring choice is the decision to avoid repeated hospitalizations and over testing?  Here is a medical expert who puts patients and their welfare first.  This is an invaluable addition to the literature.”

Andrea Mitchell

Chief Foreign Correspondent, NBC News

This book helps elderly patients and their families take a thoughtful look at health care when aging, the clinical course of common terminal illnesses, and the process of making choices that lead toward a more natural death that avoids excessive and ineffective technology.

“Well-researched, clear-eyed and brilliantly practical. This is a guide and conversation-starter for older Americans seeking control and comfort at the end of life. An antidote to modern over-medicalization that’s both simple and sage.”

Lucy Kalanithi, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine, Stanford School of Medicine, and author of the epilogue of her late husband, Paul Kalanithi’s book, When Breath Becomes Air

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