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Published February 6, 2018
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The end of life is unpredictable. Difficult choices are inevitable.

This book offers a path and a story that guides the reader through this maze of problems.

In At Peace, the author weaves together the chronology of his parents’ declines and deaths with anecdotes and examples from more than 30 years of medical practice to illustrate several principles behind choosing a better death at an advanced age. These include creating a vision of where and how death would be most tolerable; understanding one’s disease trajectory and prognosis; communicating with family and friends; and, accepting the inevitable in order to avoid painful yet futile treatments and (if not desirable) prolonged debility.

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"In At Peace: Choosing a Good Death After a Long Life, Dr. Harrington offers a powerful, compelling and important guide for patients, families, physicians and others who are facing end of life decisions and the possibility of a “medicalized death”. He offers the reader a clear and thoughtful strategy along with a step by step guide for those who wish to have a dignified death in their home versus the hospital. This book is a must read for anyone facing end of life decisions."

Richard “Chip” Davis Ph.D. Ed.M.

President and CEO, Sibley Memorial Hospital, Johns Hopkins Medicine

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“There is no easy way to approach the literally life-and-death questions that are the focus of Samuel Harrington’s book. But his spare and graceful clinical tone conveys a deeply humane perspective on choices we all will face. This is a book of wisdom and value for people at any stage of life.”

James Fallows

The Atlantic